Instant Simple Botting with PHP Pdf Download

Instant Simple Botting with PHP Pdf download is the Php Web Development Tutorial pdf published by Packt Publishing Limited, United Kingdom, 2013, the author is Shay Michael Anderson. Instant Simple Botting with PHP PDF Ebook is Enhance your botting skills and create your own web bots with PHP with ISBN 10: 1782169296 , ISBN 13: 9781782169291 in English with 62 Pages.

Instant Simple Botting with PHP Tutorial Pdf download

Instant Simple Botting with PHP (Paperback) PDf Tutorial Description Description

do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks. This book is a hands-on Starter guide that takes the reader from initialization to the coding and implementation of bot apps.Instant Simple Botting with PHP targets programmers of all levels who are familiar with common PHP functions and syntax, and who want to learn about bots and how to design and develop bots using objects.

Instant Simple Botting with PHP (Paperback) PDF Tutorial Author

Shay Michael Anderson has been programming and developing software since 1999. He found an early interest in software development and enrolled in college. He achieved his B.Sc. in Software Engineering at Oregon Tech and Colorado Tech. He then received an M.Sc. in Management in Software Systems from Colorado Tech. While earning his degrees in college, he also achieved these ungraduated certificates: Software Engineering Application, Software Engineering Process, Object Oriented Methods, and Unix Network Administration, and these graduate certificates: Systems Analysis and Integration, Network and Telecommunications, Data Management, and Project Management. Since graduating from college, he has been employed as a Web Application Developer, a Software Engineer and a Senior Software Engineer. He is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer for a large e-commerce and retail company. He develops and manages massive software systems that are backed by a database cluster that stores approximately half a billion records. He has also published open source software on his website at

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